Tour of Facilities

We have an Open Door Policy at our centre. Call us up and make a time to take a tour. We'll show you all the behind-the-scenes stuff you may want to see, and answer any questions you may have. We'll explain to you where and how procedures take place, and what we do to make sure that your pet has a calm, comfortable stay with us. If you don't have time to take a personal tour, here's a quick peek behind the scenes:


  • Open, inviting and uncluttered
  • Separate waiting lounges for dogs and for cats
  • Wide range of food and treats available

Consult Rooms

  • Quiet and intimate
  • Not too big so pets feel more secure in a foreign environment
  • Posters to help explain common conditions and keep you better informed


  • Lockable and secure
  • Wide range of medications and parasite control products
  • Laboratory equipment: urine & blood centrifuge, glucose monitor, urinalysis test strips, special stains, microscope and refractometer for measuring fluid concentration.

Day Ward

  • Separate dog and cat wards to reduce patients' stress levels during the day
  • Isolation area that can be used if we have contagious animals in hospital
  • 'Feliway' feline pheromone diffuser to calm down stressed cats
  • Large medical-grade stainless steel kennels with raised floors and fluffy blankets to keep pets calm and comfortable during their stay
  • R-10 safety rated hospital floor that means we can maintain a high standard of cleanliness and sterility

Procedures Room

  • The centre of our hospital
  • Procedures table for administration of anaesthetics, dental procedures abd endoscopy
  • Autoclave for sterilising surgical instruments and surgical packs for major surgery

Operating Theatre

  • A dedicated room with an electronic operating table and anaesthetic machine where we perform surgery of the abdomen, chest, bones and joints
  • Monitoring aids such as pulse oximetry, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration monitors to ensure your pet's safety

X-Ray and Ultrasound Room

  • Shielded walls to ensure that only the patient is exposed to the x-ray beam, and not the staff or other animals in hospital
  • High-tech, human-grade x-ray machine to take the best x- rays in the most efficient way possible
  • Colour-flow Doppler ultrasound machine to let us see right into your pet's soft tissues and organs

Dark Room

  • Speedy, automated x-ray processor to ensure that your pet spends less time in thex-ray room - and therefore less time under anaesthesia

Back Yard

  • Sun, warmth, grass and trees - all a pet needs to help them feel good while they're staying with us