Complimentary Consult

Are you about to purchase a new dog or cat? Having difficulty choosing the right breed, type, or size of pet because your mind's spinning with concerns like 'How much space do I need?' or 'Can I leave this kind of dog alone at home while I go to work?' or 'Will this breed be okay with my five-year-old?' and a million other unanswered questions?

Bayside Animal Medical Centre can help! BEFORE you buy a pet, call us on 9592 4700 and book a free consultation (worth $79) at your convenience, and we'll give you as much advice as you need to make you feel confident that you're about to choose the right pet at the right time from the right place. There's no strings attached - we'd simply love you to pick our brains because we're the pet health experts, and we know you'll be able to rely on us for any and all pet advice.